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Savvy Oak Candle Company

All-Natural Soy Wax Candle

All-Natural Soy Wax Candle

Our natural soy wax candles are made with fragrance oils containing no harmful chemicals or toxins. All candle materials are sourced from local suppliers and American made. We believe in providing a natural product with local roots!

- Made with 100% all-natural soy wax
- No zinc or carcinogenic dyes, paraffin free
- Ideal for refreshing a living area or room up to 500 sq ft

Enjoy in 4-hour increments for ideal results. Trim wicks to ¼” before each use.

Estimated Burn Times by size:
- 4 oz (25 hours)
- 8 oz (50 hours)
- 12 oz (75 hours)

Perfect for Gifting! – Our candles make excellent gifts for many different occasions. Housewarming, bridal shower, Christmas, Birthday, Mother’s Day, Teacher’s Appreciation, Valentine’s Day and many more!

- High Country – Honoring western NC’s apple orchards with apple maple bourbon and brandied pear. A fall classic!
- Oak City Spring – Reminiscent of Raleigh’s spring bloom with hints of hydrangea and honeysuckle.
- Shackleford Sunrise – A bright and airy blend of pineapple sage, ozone, and green leaves. Smell the ocean breeze with this one!
- Bogue Summer – Celebrating a coastal staple with watermelon and notes of orange peel and mint.
- First in Flight – Homage to the Wright Brothers. Grapefruit and mangosteen. Subtle notes of cedar and vanilla.
- Biltmore Bliss – Rich blend of mimosa, mandarin, and chardonnay. Asheville here we come!
- Savvy and Sweet – Tasteful mix of peach, nectar, and coconut lime verbena. This one is in honor of our daughter, Savannah.
- Freedom – Sea salt, citrus, cucumber, and melon. Honoring NCs status as the “most military friendly state”.
- Conetoe Clean – Fresh blend of lavender and cotton tree. It’s pronounced Cuh-neat-uh by the way.

- Bull City Brew - Honoring Durham, NC with this fresh coffee scented candle.
- Gaston Sunset - a colorful blend of guava, hibiscus, sweet berries and sandalwood makes you think about this lakes beautiful sunsets.


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Frequently asked questions

This is what makes our candles #savvyscents

What makes soy wax candles better?

All-natural soy wax is cleaner and longer lasting than more traditional parrafin wax candles. In general, you can expect 50% longer lasting burns with a soy wax candle. Soot is also minimized with soy wax. Our soy wax is made from American grown soy beans.

What makes your candles unique?

Our love for our hometown and home state is what drives our unique collection of candles. All of our scents aim to honor various places and elements of NC through the names and actual scent notes. Further making us different, our candle scents are comprised of multiple oil blends that are truly one of a kind!